Vmware ovftool vmx to ova Convert Errors Resolved

I resolved the error I got during the conversion from .vmx to the .ova file. The background story for this is, I moved to Oracle Virtual box from VMware player. I tried to import my old virtual machine( .vmx) from the Oracle virtual box. I found that the .vmx file is not supported. So I decided to convert it to the .ova file.

How to convert .vmx to .ova or .ovf file?

I have explained how to covert the file and how to resolve the error in three steps:

  1. Incorrect Command
  2. Correct Command
  3. How to use the command

I have installed ovftool from the Vmware website. In the command mode, I have given the below command to convert it to a .ova file from a .vmx file.

My command not worked. I did some research and found a solution. Then I used corrected-command. It worked fine, and I can convert the file.

1. Incorrect Command

This is just an example. As per your ovftool installed path you need to use.

c:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool F:\Ubantu64\ubuntu 64-bit.vmx F:\myuba\Myuba.ova

2. Correct Command

Add double quotes on both the sides of the path.

c:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool “F:\Ubantu64\ubuntu 64-bit.vmx: “F:\myuba\Myuba.ova”

3. How to use the ovftool?

Convert .vmx to .ova, .ovf Errors(Resolved)


Convert vmx to ova

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