5 Tricky DB2 SQL Queries for Practice

The SQL query is the only language that you can use to interact with DB2. Below are tricky DB2 SQL queries for practice.


Tricky DB2 SQL Queries

5 Tricky DB2 SQL Queries for Practice
5 Tricky DB2 SQL Queries for Practice

1. The SELECT SQL statement used to query data.

SELECT * FROM employee;

2. The INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL statements used to modify table data.

INSERT INTO employee
'000998', 'SMITH', 'A', 'JOHN',  
UPDATE employee
SET (hiredate, workdept) = 
FROM department
WHERE deptname='PLANNING')
WHERE empno='000999';

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3. Recursive SQL statements.

WITH temptab (person_id, name, parent_id) AS (1)
(SELECT person_id, name, parent_id           (2)
FROM children
WHERE name = 'Jenny'
UNION ALL                                    (3)
SELECT c.person_id, c.name, c.parent_id      (4)
FROM children c, temptab super
WHERE c.person_id = super.parent_id
SELECT * FROM temptab;                        (5)

4. How to query data that just got inserted, updated, or deleted in the same SQL statement.

WHERE sales_date IN ('03/29/1996', '04/01/2006');

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5. The MERGE SQL statement used to combine insert, update, and/or delete operations in one statement.

MERGE INTO T2 as target
    USING (SELECT ... FROM T1) AS source
       ON target.id=source.id
        INSERT INTO T2 ...
        UPDATE T2 SET ...

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