Group Discussion Focus on These Four Things for Better Scores

Group discussion is one type of assessing the job seeker. He may be fresher or experienced. In the first step, you don’t focus on the result. Do focus on what you are doing. During campus interviews, a few companies do conduct GD (Group Discussion). Here are my ideas.

First Steps You Need

  1. Take plenty of water before you start
  2. Don’t be nervous, be cool
  3. Take initiation to tell the solution or explanation
  4. How logical you tell is matter
  5. Don’t focus on the result, do your job

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Below are the four factors Interviewers will assess you

  1. Communication Skills: how good you are at speaking assertively and at the same time listening to others’ points of view.
  2. Behavior and Attitude: how contrary or opposing views affect you and your mindset and how you carry weaker team members.
  3. Contribution: How you successfully align your personal goals with those of the group.
  4. Technical: How your knowledge and technical skills can solve complex problems and remove obstacles for others.

How to practice for GD

  • Never Argue – Be smile and friendly with others during the discussion.
  • Knowledge is power – Prepare well before you attend for GD.
  • Take initiation – Use good English-phrases to take control of others for your turn.
  • Listen – Listening to others gives you clarity on what they said. So, you can tell your views.
  • Use simple English – Simple English is more than enough to communicate well. Speak politely with a smile. Don’t be angry with anyone.


Group Discussion

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