How to Install HBase Properly

HBase is NoSQL (Not only Sequel) database, and is popular in Hadoop framework. Installation of HBase is tricky. If Hadoop is installed correctly then you can install HBase without issues. Here are the steps to Install HBase on top of Hadoop.

1. Commands to Install HBase


# Above command is useful to download the Tar file.

sudo tar -xvf hbase-1.2.4-bin.tar.gz

# Above command useful to Untar the downloaded Tar file.

2. Move HBase file to Hadoop Installed Location

You need to move HBase to where Hadoop is installed.


Use ‘mv’ command to move Hbase

sudo mv hbase-1.2.4-bin /usr/local/hbase

Why /usr/local/hbase? During the installation of Hadoop, a folder called HBase already created in the same path. So, you need to move it to the same location.

3. How to Verify HBase is Installed?

cd /usr/local/hbase

Reach there and open hbase-site.xml using gedit.

  • cd conf
  • sudo gedit hbase-site.xml

You can find


4. How HBase Stores Data

It is column-oriented database. It stores data in the form of Key-Value. In the case of RDBMS it is in rows.

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HBase Data Structure


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