10 AWS Certification Questions That Might Ask in Interviews

Here’re ten AWS (Amazon Web services) questions that came in Certification tests. These might ask in interviews.

10 AWS Interview Questions

1.Is AWS responsible for Network configuration of EC2 machines?

Network configuration is responsibility of the customer. AWS is responsible for only physical infrastructure.

2. What is Monolithic application?

It is a single tiered software application.

3. Which service is most useful to de-couple components of Monolithic application?

SQS (Simple Queue Service)

4. Will the Elastic IP address change after changing EC2 instance type?

No, Elastic IP address will not change. Only Public IP address will change when you stop/create a new instance

5. In AWS S3 service, for which encryption type, AWS will not store key details?

SSE-C, you can use your own keys for encryption and decryption.

10 AWS Interview Questions

6. How an EC2 instance (Public Subnet/Private Subnet) gets internet?

An EC2 instance that created in Public subnet, it gets internet automatically. But the instance that created in Private Subnet, you need NAT gateway to get Internet.

7. What is the best way to protect your AWS account?

Remove access for IAM users, for who not required.

8. What are the four Rout 53 routings?

  • Latency Routing
  • Geolocation Routing
  • Geoproximity Routing
  • Edge Routing

9. Is Puppet AWS owned service?

NO, it is configuration management tool. It is owned by OpsWorks.

10. Which instance, if you don’t stop, it incurs cost?


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