15 Top AWS IAM Service Interview Questions

The identity and access management (IAM) service provide access for users (Entities). Below are the useful interview questions so that you can understand the IAM service quickly.

identity and access management interview questions

1. What’s AWS IAM?

The IAM’s full form is Identity and access management.

2. Are root users and IAM users the same?

No, the root user is also called the master user. The IAM user is subset of the root user.

3. In the IAM service, can we monitor the IAM user activity?

Yes, you can monitor the actives of IAM users. If any violation, you can remove access for the IAM user


4. How authentication is controlled in the IAM service?

  • You can mange the users. You can control access keys, passwords, multifactor authentication.
  • Manages federated users

5. What is federated user access management?

A user who is allowed to access AWS resources from third-party vendors – such as Google, Facebook, Linked In, Corporate credentials, etc.

AWS IAM service

6. What is Authorization in terms of AWS IAM service?

It’s to provide authorization for certain AWS resources – not all.

The best example is providing read-only access to the ‘S3’ service.

7. How to control Authorization in AWS IAM?

You can control authorization by creating policies.

8. How AWS IAM allows access?

AWS IAM Service These are Helpful Interviews Questions

9. What’s the other name of the IAM user?

You can also be called an IAM entity.

10. What is CloudTrail in AWS?

It’s a service, which records the logs of each IAM entity. So that you can use these logs for auditing and compliance purposes.

In these logs you will get answers for Who, When, Where, What, Which

  • Who made the request?
  • When was the request made?
  • What was the request about?
  • Which resources were acted upon in response to the request?
  • Where was the request made from and made to?

11. What are the 5 top security credentials in AWS IAM?

  • User-id and Password
  • E-mail address and Password
  • Access Keyes
  • Key pair
  • Multi-factor authentication

12. What are Temporary Security Credentials?

These are short-lived security credentials. These you can create from AWSSTS service (AWS security Token Service).

13. What are AWS IAM roles?

User – Specific IAM entity

Group – These people will have the same kind of Access

14. What are the top AWS IAM Roles?

In AWS IAM there are two types of roles. The IAM user will have a permanent identity. The federated user (Question# 5) will not have an identity.

15. What is the IAM Hierarchy of Privileges?

  • Root user
  • IAM user
  • user with temporary credentials

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