COBOL CICS Compilation Process, Unlock these 5

The CICS (customer information control system) commands you can’t execute alone. For those workable, you need to embed in COBOL, PL/1, Assembler language. It is custom in Mainframe projects.

In any programming language, after coding, you need to compile it – to know syntax errors. In the case of CICS, the approach is different. Here are the five key steps to follow for CICS programs.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Develop CICS Program

  1. When you develop a CICS program, you embed CICS commands within another programming language like COBOL, PL/I, or assembler language.
  2. Before a CICS program can be compiled, it must be translated into the base programming language. This is done by the CICS translator.

You can’t run CICS program in Batch JCL. The reason is CICS run under CICS subsystem. So, CICS program load modules you can’t run in JCL

  1. For a CICS/COBOL program, the CICS translator converts CICS commands to COBOL Move and Call statements that can be compiled by the COBOL compiler.
  2. After a CICS program is translated, it is compiled and link edited just like any other source program.
  3. CICS programs run under the CICS subsystem, not as OS/390 batch jobs. As a result, you can’t run CICS load modules with JCL.

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