How to Create Data Connection in Excel

Adding a data connection to Excel is often needed to get data from Table; explained easy ways to do it.

How to establish the Oracle database connection

Step 1 – Click on the data tab

Click on the data tab

Step 2 Click on other data sources

After that, click on the data connection wizard.

click on data connection

Step 3 Click on the ODBC DSN and then Next

Click on ODBC

Step 4 Under Control panel, Administrative tools go to ODBC data sources

Click on control panel

Step 5 Under User DSN, click on the Add button

Click on add button

Step 6: Ensure you already installed the Oracle Client of the latest version

Select the ODBC driver for Oracle.

Step 7 Give data source name, server name, password

Now your connection is established.

Step 8 – in Step 3, you can view the new Database connection. Just click on that connection and apply it.

Step 9: Now your connection is established. Click on the Data tab and hit on the refresh all tab. You will now get the data from the data source.

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