Here’s Essential List of Python Data Types

Here is a quick list of data types present in python. The mutable and immutable data types are popular for interviews.


  1. Here’s a list of Python data types
    1. 1. Mutable data types
    2. 2. Immutable data types
    3. 3. Primitive data types
    4. 4. Built-in data types
    5. 5. Sequential data types
    6. 6. Compound data types

Here’s a list of Python data types

1. Mutable data types

The top mutable data types are List, Dictionary, and Set. So mutable data types allow you to modify.

2. Immutable data types

The top immutable data types are int, Tuple, complex, Float, string, Bytes, and Stringfrozen-set.

3. Primitive data types

Here are the basic data types in python. From which derived other data types. These are Integers, Float, Booleans, and Strings.

Python data types

4. Built-in data types

The built-in data types are Dictionary, List, Set, Frozenset, and Tuple. The str, bytes, and bytearray are built-in classes.

5. Sequential data types

In these, you can store data in an orderly manner. These include Strings, byte sequences, bytearrays, lists, tuples, and range objects.

6. Compound data types

The compound data type stores multiple independent values. These are Lists, Structures, Pointers, Hashes, and Object references.



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