Oracle: How to Create New Table from the Existing Table

Here’re SQL queries that create a temp table from another in Oracle. The first SQL query creates a temp table’s structure. The second one creates a temp table with data.

Creating table from existing table

Temporary table structure

Here I have created the customer table and inserted rows.

--create table customer (name char(20), cust_id number);
--insert into customer values('SRINI', 100001);
--insert into customer values('AARTI', 1022201);
--select * from customer;

The output from the customer table

Customer table

SQL query to create a Temporary table

In the SQL query, the global keyword is mandatory. When you run the query, a table my_temp will create that has the customer’s table structure.

create global temporary TABLE my_temp 
as select * from customer;
desc my_temp;
select count(*) from my_temp;

It displays the table structure and count of rows in the output. The count zero means no rows are present in the temp table. It is how you can create only a temp table structure.

Column	Null?	Type
NAME	 - 	CHAR(20)
2 rows selected.
Result Set 6

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Temporary table with Data and structure

I have added a statement ‘on commit preserve rows’ that preserves rows. For verification, issue the select statement that displays the table data.

create global temporary TABLE my_temp1 
on commit preserve rows
as select * from customer;
select * from my_temp1;

Here’s the output from the my_temp1 table.

my_temp1 table

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