How to Understand DevOps Process in CICS Quickly

The deployment and speed allow thinking DevOps Solutions. Here are the tools in CICS that help to use the DevOps process.

The tools that allow the DevOps concepts are DFHDEPLOY and CICS build toolkit.


  1. DevOps Process
  2. DevOps Process in CICS
    1. CICS Build Toolkit for Automated Builds
    2. DFHDPLOY for Batch Deployments

DevOps Process

The business owner, the developers, and the operations team work collaboratively in a DevOps shop. The plan-develop-build-deploy-feedback process is continuous.

DevOps Process
Adopted from IBM manuals

DevOps Process in CICS

The tools developed in CICS helpful for a hybrid deployment. That means the mission-critical applications follow the traditional waterfall model.

The standard technologies involved in mission-critical applications are COBOL, PL1, etc.

Front-end applications, for example, written in JAVA /or .NET are prone to frequent changes. For which the newly added DevOps tools are helpful.

CICS Build Toolkit for Automated Builds

  • The CICS build toolkit provides a command-line interface (CLI) to build your CICS projects that are created in CICS Explorer.
  • It is superior to the previous manual method of using a wizard to export the CICS projects to zFS because you can use a script to build projects in a reliable, repeatable manner. Using the build toolkit is one step toward a fully automated, continuous integration process.

DFHDPLOY for Batch Deployments

  • The DFHDPLOY utility is called by using JCL and can be easily integrated into existing deployment tools and automation procedures.
  • DFHDPLOY can be used with the CICS build toolkit to automate the building and deployment of CICS bundles and cloud-enabled CICS applications. It can also be used to enhance a continuous delivery environment and help the move to DevOps.


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