Do you Agree Open Chatgpt AI Will Take Our Jobs?

Again, Open Chatgpt is a tool help improve the performance where humans face difficulty getting the answers.

Open ChatGpt

Since it’s working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) principle and is in the beginning stage, people started using these models in Finance and Legal domains. However, it’s helpful for Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Retail, Media, and Education sectors.

Industries that are being used

  • DoNotPay – Being used in Legal Services
  • Twig – Being used for Finance business solutions

Does it take our jobs

  • According to, It will not take our jobs. It replaces some of the areas.
  •  It will not replace coding jobs however helps in coding and debugging issues at a basic level. So no need to worry.
  •  It strengthens human capabilities.

Open Chatgpt answers

When people asked Chatgpt, what jobs will you replace in the future? it says the below list, according to Yahoo Finance:

  • Data entry and data processing,
  •  customer service and support roles (e.g., answering frequently asked questions)
  •  translation tasks
  •  Report writing and content generation.

Search Engines that wrapped AI power

  • Google – Bard
  • Bing
  • Baidu



Author: Srini

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