Visual Studio Code: Installation Guide for Windows

Here are the steps to install Visual Studio Code (IDE) on Windows to practice Terraform.

Downloader location for Visual Studio Code IDE

Here is the link for Visual Studio Code Downloader for Windows.

Downloader Visual Studio Code

The second step is to run the .exe file to install it on your local machine. The installation path selects automatically. So click on the Run button.

Click run

The next step is accepting the license and clicking on the Next button.

Accept License

The default installation path shows. You can now click on the Next button.

Choose install path

Click the Next button.

Location of installation

Select the additional tasks as shown in the below screen.

See Additional Tasks

The next step is Ready to install.

Click on install

Installation is in progress. Once installation is completed click on Finish.

Installation progress

The next step is we need to install Terraform package.

Click on extension

Select Terraform package and install it.

Install Terraform

After installing Terraform, you can write and test terraform code.


Author: Srini

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