15 DB2 Admin Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

DBA is responsible for product upgrades, patches, access control, reviews, Server admin activities, Interface teams, Storage, performance, and maintaining database objects.

DB2 DBA responsibilities

  1. Responsible for DB/2 products in production and test environments.
  2.  TMON monitoring tool, and the Platinum tools (RC Query, RC Migrator, Plan Analyzer, and Database Analyzer).
  3.  Monitor DB/2 production servers for any problems.
  4.  Apply upgrades to DB/2 in test and production.
  5.  Installs and maintains software used for supporting and monitoring DB/2.
  6.  Assist all development work on DB/2. Help in application development, designing and creating database objects, migrating from test to production, and implementing batch schedules with the appropriate DB2 utilities.
  7.  Reviews for technical accuracy. It includes the enforcement of all modeling and naming standards.
  8.  Do all structural changes to DB/2 databases.
  9.  Works with the RACF team to ensure that proper security is in place for DB/2 data.
  10.  Have good knowledge of MVS, ISPF, JCL, and CICS.
  11.  Documenting vision for DB/2
  12.  Share info to developers and operators on all components of DB/2 that are of interest through the Web, Infoshares, etc
  13.  They correct potential problems in the DB2 environment. It includes nightly support for the batch environment.
  14.  Server admin activities DB/2 resides: monitor disk space and the DB2 log, backups, and protect the integrity of the data.
  15.  Provide help for all interfaces for DB2. These include Rochade, FOCUS, AMS Core software, and the gateway.
  16.  Keep abreast of developments in the DB2 world through journals, the web, IBM Manuals, Blogs, etc.

The highest-paid admin is DB2 DBA, compared to other DBAs.

Skills Summary

  • DBA knowledge
  • Realtime experience
  • Certification in DB2 DBA

DBA Certification

  • You need to work at least 2 years as DBA before you get a certificate
  • Two kinds of tests you need to take to qualify as DBA
  • You should know Cobol/Java/C++
  • Capability to resolve complex problems. Check out here to become a Certified DB2 DBA.

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