I read the below books. This is my collection. If you want to improve, the list is for you. This list includes a variety of books.

The ABC of real of real estate of india

This book is all about real estate. This book explained real estate in India. Flat or Plot which one to choose for investment explained.

How to invest in real estate? – you can find tips and ideas in this book. If you want to invest in a plot or flat, this is the best book to start.

24 simple investing strategies

In this book, you will get Buffett’s investing approach in the stock market. The style of writing is simple. You can understand quickly without the financial background.

Random walk guide

In this book, you will find four popular investment categories. To buy or sell shares, you need some knowledge, then it is for you. This book also teaches the percentage of stock investment you need depends on age.

Sri isopanisad book

At the start explained, what are Vedas? – and from where they came? – given multiple examples to get spiritual knowledge.

When you complete this book, you will get complete knowledge. It looks small but has good information.

Tough times never last tough people do.

Tough-times, never last. This book explained real-life examples to cope with difficult times. The specialty of this book is so organized. The checklist and order of presentation will give immense knowledge.