JCL-How to Give Dummy VSAM Dataset

Below sample JCL help you to give dummy VSAM dataset in job: The best JCL book for more tips- and get it at discounted price.

Using parameter AMP=’AMORG’ , we can communicate to OS to treat the DUMMY file as VSAM file.


The DUMMY data set is do nothing is JCL. It is something like you are not using anywhere.


You can use DUMMY for testing purpose…

One use of the DUMMY parameter is in testing a program. When testing is finished and you want input or output operations performed on the data set, replace the DD DUMMY statement with a DD statement that fully defines the data set.

The best advanatage

You have a proc. You have given dummy to a dataset. You can override that DUMMY perameter in your jcl.

The way you have given DUMMY in proc is


You can override it with the following syntax

Nullify the DUMMY parameter by coding:

   //JS      EXEC  PROC=PROC1
   //PS.DS1  DD    DSNAME=A

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