VSAM Tough Questions (2 of 2)

See my part 1 if you miss it.

Q1) VSAM- deadlock it will be manged by DFSMS. In RLS environment, each record will have Lock. In non RLS, each CI will have lock. If the same CI/record accessed simultaneously, causes dead-lock.

RLS=Record Level Sharing

Q2) How to avoid deadlock The major rule is try to avoid to lock more than one logical records concurrently.

Q3) If we use “REPRO” on empty datasets, the RC would be “160”

Q4) RLS- it allows concurrent access. This can be given in KSDS, ESDS, RRDS datasets.

Q5) In CICS, RLS will be used in VSAM datasets . That means the datasets can be accessed concurrently.

Q6) ACB- It is called Active control block that links between application program and VSAM dataset.

Q7) RLS- A VSAM extension that provides direct access to a VSAM data set from multiple systems, providing cross system locking and buffer invalidation

Q8) VRRDS- Variable relative record dataset, containing both FB/VB records.

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