IMS DB: Top Proc Options to Use in PSB

Procopt also called Processing option. It maintains data integrity. It has a lot of importance in IMSDB-PSB. There are many proc options available in IMS DB. I am sharing all the options here.


A Proc Option

A –> This is for All(G-I-R-D) –> You can give Get, Insert, Replace and Delete calls in IMS DB program

P Proc Option

P–> You need give this option, when you use D command code in SSA. ‘P’ can be used in combination with A-G-I-D-R

O Proc Option

O- Read without integrity. The combinations are GON,GOT,GONP

  • N- It avoids abends and it returns GG status code
  • T- T allows to try multiple times.Else, it gives GG status code
  • E-This is for exclusive use. This can be used with G-I-D-R-A

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