DB2- Check Pending,Release Pending,Copy Pending

Three most popular pending states in DB2. As a developer you may scare some times seeing the error states.

First we have to make sure which pending state and need to select suitable corrective step. Yes, I am giving here all 3 pending states and corrective steps.

Check Pending:

This will occur when loading data into table-space, due to referential integrity constraints.

Corrective Step: Run REORG utility on the table space, then, run CHECK DATA utility.

DB2 Load Utility


While loading a table from flat file to Table. If job abend, to restart again we need to make sure that in LOAD sysin card need to give “NOCOPYPEND” parameter. If we do not give then the  job will abend again.

Release Pending: 

When working with remote connections, the remote connection that is not going to be used will be kept in Release pending state

Corrective Step: Commit/Rollback will close all the Release-pend state connections.

Copy Pending:

Check here for detailed description.

Corrective StepClick here

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