DB2- Check Pending,Release Pending,Copy Pending

Three most popular pending states in DB2. As a developer you may scare some times seeing the error states.

# 1 point: First we have to make sure which pending state and need to select suitable corrective step.

Yes, I am giving here all 3 pending states and corrective steps.

Check Pending:This will occur when loading data into table-space, due to referential integrity constraints.

Corrective Step: Run REORG utility on the table space, then, run CHECK DATA utility.

Release Pending: When working with remote connections, the remote connection that is not going to be used will be kept in Release pending state

Corrective Step: Commit/Rollback will close all the Release-pend state connections.

Copy Pending: Check here for detailed description.

Corrective Step:  Click here


Author: Srini

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