DB2 CHECK-pending state solution you need

The number one is referential integrity issue:

  • RECOVER to a point in time

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Table check violations place a table space or partition in
CHECK-pending status when any of the following conditions exist:

  • A check constraint is defined on a populated table by using the ALTER TABLE statement, and the value of the CURRENT RULES special register is DB2®.
  • The LOAD utility is run with CONSTRAINTS NO, and check constraints are defined on the table.
  • CHECK DATA is run on a table that contains violations of check constraints.
  • A point-in-time RECOVER introduces violations of check constraints.
  • An index might be placed in CHECK-pending status if you recovered an index to a specific RBA or LRSN from a copy and applied the log records, but you did not recover the table space in the same list. The CHECK-pending status can also be set on an index if you specified the table space and the index, but the recovery point in time was not a point of consistency (QUIESCE or COPY SHRLEVEL REFERENCE).

Corrective action or Solution

  • Run the CHECK DATA utility.
  • If a table space is in both REORG-pending and CHECK-pending status (or auxiliary CHECK-pending status), run the REORG TABLESPACE utility first and then run CHECK DATA to reset the respective states.

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