CICS – CEBR Commands Part (1 of 3)

Here are CICS utility transactions – CEBR, CEMT, and CECI. These are commonly used transactions. In three parts, I will cover all these commands. We can do multiple functions with CEBR. It allows you to browse Temporary Queue.

General Syntax: CEBR {que name}

  • QUEUE { queue-name}

Changes the display to the temporary storage queue you specify. You can specify a name that’s up to 16 characters long.

  •  TERMINAL xxxx

 Changes the last 4 characters of the queue’s name to the characters you specify.

  •  PURGE

 Deletes the queue.

  •  TOP

 Scrolls to the first record in the queue.


 Scrolls to the last record in the queue.

  •  FIND /string/

Searches for the string enclosed within the delimiters. You can use any character for the delimiter as long as that character isn’t in the search string. If the search string doesn’t contain spaces, you can omit the second delimiter character.

  •  LINE nnnn

 Scrolls to the specified line.

  •  COLUMN nnnn

 Scrolls to the specified column.

  •  GET xxxx

 Reads the specified transient data queue into the current temporary storage queue. Remember that when you do this, the records in the destination are effectively deleted.

  •  PUT xxxx

 Writes the contents of the current temporary storage queue to the specified transient data queue.

  •  SYSID xxxx

 Changes the name of the remote system or storage pool where the queue can be found.

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