VaGen Vs CoolGen 5 Top Differences

VaGen and CoolGen both are two different interface layer programs used to expose mainframe to front end Java application. As usual, Java can not understand mainframe Cobol logic. It needs translator. These two will act as translators to convert logic into Java understandable syntax.


This enables companies to transform their OS390 and Unix applications to large-scale Web solutions that leverage proven technology. Check here the architecture


  • Organizations do not have to have applications re-written as the solution ensures that the functionally of the application in COBOL/CICS is identical to that of the applications when they ran in the original VAGen or CSP environments.

  • IBM VisualAge Generator is a powerful high-end, rapid application development environment for building and deploying e-business applications. Developers with little or no Java expertise can implement end-to-end Java e-business systems.

  • OO and Java developers can implement systems running on traditional transactional platforms, such as CICS or IMS, and accessing legacy data, such as DL/I or VSAM, with no need to become mainframe experts.

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