Cobol-Data Challenges(1 of 2)

Yes, why I want to discuss this point is Cobol is procedural language,compared to OO languages like Java,there are some challenges.


01 Header-1.

   05 Field-1   PIC X(50) Usage is display.

Even though, usage is optional, the space 50 bytes are allocated, even if we get smaller string into Field-1(suppose 20 bytes). However, Cobol has some features INSPECT,STRING,UNSTRING, we can do string manipulations.


Fixed Files:

The file structure is already defined. The same file is used by multi interfaces.However, if we want add an e-mail address field,we need to change file structure, similarly othere interfaces have to make adjustment,it is laborous.

In my next post I will add some more senarios.



2 thoughts on “Cobol-Data Challenges(1 of 2)

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