Mainframe-How to Modernize Batch Process (2of 3)

    As part of modernizing batch process,you have now the following capabilities on Zo/s.
  • Selection of Language:Cobol,PL1,Assembler are native languages.Now, Zos supports JAVA,PHP
  • Functionality by Runtime Websphere XD:Compared to stand-alone batch, a run time such as WebSphere 😄 Compute Grid can offer additional functionality through the Java EE model, for example managed security
  • Platform independency: If you want independency you can achieve it through JAVA/PHP instead of Cobol,PL1,Assembler
  • Accessing ZOs data: Java programs in stand-alone batch, CICS, IMS or DB2 stored procedures can access z/OS data sets and VSAM files using specific classes, and IMS and DB2 data on z/OS using a native high performance JDBC driver
  •  Stand-alone Java batch or Java in IMS cause a JVM startup for every job. If the jobs are long running tasks, this is negligible. But if you have many short running Java batch jobs, you might consider WebSphere 😄 Compute Grid or a Java DB2 stored procedure, which efficiently reuse JVMs.
  • PHP only allows access to z/OS UNIX System Services files and DB2 on z/OS. There is no support for accessing MVS data sets.

ZOS offers a lot of excellent capabilities to implement state of the art batch functionality.

Watch this space for more on Zos modernization.