RADz for Mainframe a Development Tool (Part-1)

Mainframe is changing its face from Black screen to White screen. Rational application development for Z series is latest buzz. I attended a seminar recently. In future we all need to work on RADz. Earlier days through emulator, we interact with mainframe. Days are gone now.

RADz is IDE tool. We no need to use Chgman/Endevor/SCLM.

All functions like DB2/IMSDb/IMSdc/CICS it supports. Hello…mainframe guys gear up to learn RADz. If you know Eclipse. This is simple to learn.

You can play many videos on this topic here. Rational Developer for System z features:

  • An integrated, multiplatform development environment with modern, simple-to-use application development tools.
  • IBM System z application development tools that support the design, creation and maintenance of mainframe applications.
  • Integration with source control and collaborative lifecycle management systems that can streamline development processes.
  • Quality control measures that help to  improve application value and effectiveness.
  • CICS, IMS and DB2 support, including tools for composite processing

Author: Srini

Experienced software developer. Skills in Development, Coding, Testing and Debugging. Good Data analytic skills (Data Warehousing and BI). Also skills in Mainframe.

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