How to Fix Empty TDQ Dataset Error in CICS

Error message: Records do not appear to be written to an extrapartition transient data queue (TDQ). Message EMPTY DATA SET OR MEMBER is returned, when you close the TDQ to CICS and browse the associated dataset using TSO option 3.4. Your CICS log contains message IEF237I JES2 ALLOCATED TO tdqueue-name. CICS trace and CEDF show the writes to the TDQ are successful.


The TDQ is allocated to JES2 at CICS startup because the TDQUEUE definition contains OPENTIME=INITIAL and the DSNAME is not specified in the CICS JCL or in the TDQUEUE definition.

Resolving the problem

Do one of the following:

  • Add the name of the dataset to the DSNAME field in the TDQUEUE definition or to the DD statement in the CICS JCL.
  • Change the TDQUEUE definition from OPENTIME INITIAL to DEFERRED.
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