Informatica – Target Optimization

Overall as per my experience Tuning is a tricky and takes time. Target optimization involves both RDBMS and Flat files. Each area you need different optimization techniques. Read online complete Informatica interview questions Part-1.

Flat files

Keep Target files in the shared directory, where usually stores only files. If the shared storage used by other tasks performance will be down.


  • Drop indexes and Constraints
  • Use pre-load, post-load stored procedures
  • Use pre-session and post-session SQL to do this activity
  • Increase Database Checkpoint intervals
  • Use BULK LOAD if required

Use External Loader

  • For DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Terradata – You can use this method

Minimize Deadlock

  • Use different database connection for each session

Optimize target db

  • try to store table and index on separate discs
  • Optimize oracle redo log
  • Give proper storage space


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