Informatica part 2 interview questions

Informatica Interview Questions- Part( 2 of 2 )

The best informatica interview questions on NaaN values and comparing different objects in Informatica. Read more.


Datamart top ten mostly asked interview questions

The best selected informatica questions and answers for both freshers and experienced. This list is a quick guide to refer in less time. Apart from the above a well explained and neatly written questions and answers and you can read from your mobile also.

Informatica books

My 3 best informatica Books for an awesome reference

The selected 3 best books on informatica really help you guys update your knowledge quickly. Also the suggested links and tips really give big boon to your next job. This is one of the best tool, which fetch you fat pay packages across the world.


Top Informatica Latest features in version 10, new trend

The informtica version 10 has come with many new features that supports for productivity improvement, and agility for modern data warehouses


Top Informatica terminology exclusively used in data integration

The key terminology in agile testing is being followed in Informatica data integration. The terminology like agile testing, agile methodology and agile integration are different from each other. These are must know descriptions for all Informatica developers.

Informatica Quiz

Informatica Lookup Transformation -Quiz

Lookup is one of the transformation in Informatica. Try this Quiz.