Informatica Top List of Transformations

The following are the list of Transformations:

  1. Advanced External Procedure -It supports only Informatica procedures
  2. Aggregator – to do things like “group by”.
  3. ERP Source Qualifier –Extracts data from ERP
  4. Expression – to use various expressions.
  5. External procedure – …It supports both Informatica and external procedure(UNIX)
  6. Filter – to filter data.
  7. Joiner – to make joins between separate databases, files, ODBC sources.
  8. Lookup – to create a local copy of the data.
  9. Normalizer – to transform denormalized data into normalized data.
  10. Rank – to select only top (or bottom) ranked data.
  11. Sequence Generator – to generate unique IDs for target tables.
  12. Source Qualifier – to filter sources (SQL, select distinct, join, etc.)
  13. Update Strategy – to flag records in target for insert, delete, update (defined inside a mapping).
  14. SQL Transformation– We can pass database connection information as input
  15. Transaction Control Transformation– It lets user control Commit/Rollback
  16. Stored Procedure Transformation– Stored procedures store and run in the database. It returns a value.
  17. Java Transformation-It allows importing user-defined function, written in Java, to run in Informatica
  18. Sorter Transformation: It supports to sort the data
  19. Union Transformation: It supports to join the rows

Other transformations:

  1. Application Source Qualifier
  2. XML Source qualifier
  3. MQ Series Source Qualifier
  4. Application Multi-group source qualifier
  5. Custom Transformation
  6. FLXT Key transformation
  7. HTTP Transformation
  8. Web services consumer transformation
  9. Mid-stream XML parser
  10. Mid-stream XML generator
  11. SAP/ALE IDOC interpreter
  12. SAP/ALE IDOC Prepare
  13. SAP DMI prepare

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