Informatica- List of Transformations

The following are the list of Transformations:

  1. Advanced External Procedure -It supports only informatica procedures
  2. Aggregator – to do things like “group by”.
  3. ERP Source Qualifier -Extracts data from ERP
  4. Expression – to use various expressions.
  5. External procedure – …It supports both Informatica and external procedure(UNIX)
  6. Filter – to filter data.
  7. Joiner – to make joins between separate databases, file, ODBC sources.
  8. Lookup – to create local copy of the data.
  9. Normalizer – to transform denormalized data into normalized data.
  10. Rank – to select only top (or bottom) ranked data.
  11. Sequence Generator – to generate unique IDs for target tables.
  12. Source Qualifier – to filter sources (SQL, select distinct, join, etc.)
  13. Update Strategy – to flag records in target for insert,delete, update (defined inside a mapping).
  14. SQL Transformation– We can pass database connection information as input
  15. Transaction Control Transformation– It lets user to control Commit/Rollback
  16. Stored Procedure Transformation– Stored procedures store and run in the database. It returns value.
  17. Java Transformation-It allows to import user defined function, written in Java, to run in informatica
  18. Sorter Transformation: It supports to sort the data
  19. Union Transformation: It supports to join the rows

Other transformations:

  1. Application Source Qualifier
  2. XML Source qualifier
  3. MQ Series Source Qualifier
  4. Application Multi group source qualifier
  5. Custom Transformation
  6. FLXT Key transformation
  7. HTTP Transformation
  8. Web services consumer transformation
  9. Mid-stream XML parser
  10. Mid-stream XML generator
  11. SAP/ALE IDOC interpreter
  12. SAP/ALE IDOC Prepare
  13. SAP DMI prepare

Author: Srini

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