COBOL – Tough Interview Questions

  1. X(100) can be redefined with X(200) item OR X(100) can be redefined with 9(18)
  2. REDEFINES – Clause does not contain OCCURS clause
  3. GLOBAL can be present in the REDEFINES clause
  4. Can not be given EXTERNAL in REDEFINES clause
  5. Can not be used 66 or 88 level numbers in REDEFINES
  6. Both data items level numbers must be identical
  7. BLANK WHEN ZERO – must not be used for 66 or 88. Also, item with S or * can not be given. Also for POINTERS can not be given
  8. The VALUE clause is syntax checked, has no effect on the execution of the program
  9. SYNC – clause will be used for BINARY items to improve performance
  10. SYNC – causes data to start at boundaries Possibility of slack bytes

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