8 Complex VSAM Interview Questions

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The below is consolidated list of VSAM interview questions for your quick refresh. Warm up is the first step before going for exercise. This list contains powerful questions and answers.

Q.1) How many ways VSAM will identify records?

A1) Three ways. Key, RBA, RRN

Q.2) What is the size of primary key?

A3) Min 1 byte to Max 255 bytes

Q.3) What is RBA ?

A3)Starts from 0 to first record LERCL. Second records starts from length of first record.

Q.4) What is RRN?

A4) Relative number of logical record. If RRN=3, means this is fourth logical record

Q.5)Spanned records?

A5) These are logical records larger than CI size.

Q.6) What is cluster ?

A6) Cluster  is the combination of Data and Index component

Q.7) What is Sphere?

A7) Sphere is base VSAM cluster and its associated VSAM clusters.

Q.8) What is HURBA, HARBA?

A8) When VSAM file is compressed, we can not access data from RBA. That time we use these values.

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