COBOL Program: How to Read VSAM Files

The below example shows how we can write code in COBOL program to read VSAM file. I am giving here the best method how we can give.

Simple Read just like sequential files:

OPEN INPUT sample-file.
READ sample-file INTO identifier.
AT END statement.


WRITE record-name FROM identifier
INVALID KEY statement.

Establishing a Key

Move 'xxxxxx' TO key-value
START sample-file KEY IS EQUAL TO key-value

Now position is established with start command. To read a record from a file into your working storage area, we need to give either READ or READ NEXT.

Rules for using READ or READ NEXT:

READ - we need to give if we have given access mode is sequential.
RED NEXT - we need to give , if we have given access mode is random.

Unless you give READ or READ NEXT, the record from the file will not be fetched.

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