JCL JES2 and JES3 Control ‘/*’ Statements in Job Card

Here are top JES2 and JES3 statements frequently being used in JCL Job card.


JES2,JES3 and JES statements

  • Under JES2 and JES3, a job stream can also include JES2 or JES3 control statements that influence the way the Job Entry Subsystem processes your job.
  • In old projects, you may come across JES control statements in older job streams, and occasionally, they provide for a function that isn’t available in standard JCL.

Syntax for JES control statement

/*identifier operation [parameters]

Frequently used JES2 commands in JOB cards

Specifies JES2 operator commands. Must be placed before the JOB statement.

Sends a message to the operator (see chapter 11).

Specifies the job account number.

Notifies the specified user when the job is completed (same as the NOTIFY parameter on the JOB statement).

Specifies SYSOUT processing options (see chapter 8).

Routes the job for execution or printing to a specific JES2 node.

Instructs the operator to mount the specified tape volumes prior to job execution.

Ends a remote job session. May be placed anywhere in the job stream.

Begins a remote job entry session. Must be the first statement in the job stream.

Routes the job to a specific JES2 node for execution.

Transmits data to another JES2 node.

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