What is Business Intelligence and Why You Need

Do you think that Data warehousing and BI are the same? The answer is NO. Warehouse stores data in an RDBMS, but Business intelligence (BI) is an outcome of data.

Data warehousing

  1. Deals with all aspects of managing the development, implementation, and operation of a data warehouse or data mart.
  2. The functions include metadata management, data acquisition, data cleansing, data transformation, storage management, data distribution, data archiving, operational reporting, analytical reporting, Security management, backup/recovery, etc.

Business Intelligence

  1. A set of tools that enable an organization to analyze measurable aspects of their business such as sales performance, profitability, operational efficiency, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, market penetration among certain customer groups, cost trends, anomalies, exceptions, etc.,
  2. Typically to encompass OLAP, data visualization, and data mining.

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