15 best VSAM Quiz Questions for Mainframe Developers

  1. VSAM data can be processed by logical record or by control interval [True]
  2. After software-end-of-file is written, the file is in recovery [False]
  3. VERIFY cannot be used for an empty data set or an LDS. [True]
  4. Strings allow concurrent positioning within a data set.[True ]
  5. The default buffer space for a cluster is STRNO index buffers and STRNO+1 data buffers.[True]
  6. Sequential processing is overlapped when at least STRNO+3 data buffers are allocated.[True]
  7. ALTER can be used to change an ESDS into an LDS.[False]
  8. For random or direct processing, smaller data CIs are desirable.[True]
  9. Free space is used to reduce the number of CI and CA splits.[True]
  10. Key compression applies to the index[True]
  11. An alternate index cannot be defined for an RRDS or LDS.[True]
  12. A path provides a way to gain access to the base data through its AIX.[True]
  13. Base cluster must not be empty for BLDINDEX.[False]
  14. Length of the alternate keys must not exceed 255.[True]
  15. When exporting a data set, we specify TEMPORARY to preserve the original data set[False]

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