5 More JCL Interview Questions

Important JCL interview questions. Useful to read quickly before your interviews.

Q1) How many ways a COND Parameter control Job execution?

A1) 2 Ways. One is by using COND in Step. Second by using COND in JOB

Q2) How to find reason when a Job is failed with S0c7?

A2) S0c7 is a data exception error. Use Abend-aid to get offset address. Select compiler listing, either in the Tool (CHGMAN/ENDEVOR) to know program line number. So that you can fix the error

Q3) How a job can be restarted when you use DB2 in program?

A3). Yes, you can restart from failed JOB step, if you have Checkpoint restart YES in job card

Q4) Can we override a Data set that is present in Cataloged Procedure?

A4) Yes, you can override a data set present in Cataloged Procedure

Q5) In production, Can we change the GDG limit?

A5). NO, you cannot change the GDG limit in Production, unless you create a another GDG. For existing GDG it is not possible.

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