5 Credit Cards Domain best Books to Read now

This post provides you the best books to read on Credit cards processing. The next best Domain is BFSI (Banking, Finance, Stock market and Insurance) domain. This domain provides a lot of opportunities for Software developers.

5 Best Books.

Improve your Credit cards domain knowledge, using these five books.

1. How Credit Cards Work for Newbies: Credit Card Debt, Processing, Fraud Prevention, and More

When you are very new to Cards domain, this book is useful to know what is Credit card and how a transaction works in the back-end. Step by step explanation really useful.

2. Credit Cards & Debit Cards: Your Guide to the Bankcard Industry and Best Practices.

The good book to know the complete list of Credit and Debit cards. This book outlined very good information about how cards processing happen and how merchants will receive payments.

3. Digital Banking Tips: Practical Ideas for Disruptors!

Next generation payments are called Digital banking. This book helps you get different digital banking options and how they are related to cards processing industry.

4. The SmartPhone Wallet – Understanding the Disruption Ahead 

Smart phones you can use, to pay the bills. (these are called wallets). Understanding the business on Wallet domain is a crucial for software developer. Try this good book.

5. Virtual Banking: A Guide to Innovation and Partnering 

 The next thing is virtual banking. This is the best book to know latest development in the field of Virtual banking.

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