Credit card Issuer Response Codes – Here’s Complete List

During credit card authorization, the card brand associations (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Maestro etc.) send back response codes. These codes you can call as issuer response code. Each response code has its meaning. Here is complete list. Also Read | 5 The Best Credit Cards domain Knowledge books

Credit Card Auth Issuer Response Codes

CodeResponse ReasonCodeResponse Reason
0Approved54Expired Card
1Refer to Card Issuer55Incorrect PIN
2Refer to Issuer’s special conditions56No Card Record
3Invalid Merchant57Trans. not Permitted to Cardholder
4Pick Up Card58Transaction not Permitted to Terminal
5Do Not Honor59Suspected Fraud
6Error60Card Acceptor Contact Acquirer
7Pick Up Card, Special Conditions61Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limits
8Honor with identification62Restricted Card
9Request in Progress63Security Violation
10Partial Amount Approved64Original Amount Incorrect
11VIP Approval65Exceeds Withdrawal Frequency Limit
12Invalid Transaction66Card Acceptor Call Acquirer Security
13Invalid Amount67Hard Capture – Pick Up Card at ATM
14Invalid Card Number68Response Received Too Late
15No Such Issuer75Allowable PIN Tries Exceeded
16Approved, update track 376Previous message not found
17Customer Cancellation77Data does not match original message
18Customer Dispute80Invalid Date
19Re-enter Transaction81Cryptographic failure
20Invalid Response82Incorrect CVV
21No Action Taken (no match)83Unable to verify PIN
22Suspected Malfunction84Invalid authorization life cycle
23Unacceptable Transaction Fee85No reason to decline
24File Update not Supported by Receiver86ATM Malfunction
25Unable to Locate Record on File87No Envelope Inserted
26Duplicate File Update Record88Unable to Dispense
27File Update Field Edit Error89Administration Error
28File Update File Locked Out90Cut-off in Progress
29File Update not Successful91Issuer or Switch is Inoperative
30Format Error92Financial Institution Not Found
31Bank not Supported by Switch93Trans Cannot be Completed
32Completed Partially94Duplicate Transmission
33Expired Card – Pick Up95Reconcile Error
34Suspected Fraud – Pick Up96System Malfunction
35Contact Acquirer – Pick Up97Reconciliation Totals Reset
36Restricted Card – Pick Up98MAC Error
37Call Acquirer Security – Pick Up99Reserved for National Use
38Allowable PIN Tries ExceededN0Force STIP (VISA)
39No CREDIT AccountN3Cash Service Not Available (VISA)
40Requested Function not SupportedN4Cash request exceeds issuer limit (VISA)
41Lost Card – Pick UpN7Decline for CVV2 failure (VISA)
42No Universal AmountP2Invalid biller information (VISA)
43Stolen Card – Pick UpP5PIN Change Unblock Declined (VISA)
44No Investment AccountP6Unsafe PIN (VISA)
51Insufficient FundsXAForward to issuer
52No Cheque Account‘XD’Forward to issuer
53No Savings Account  
Authorization Issuer Response Codes


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