TDQ in CICS and its Different Types

In real-time, your project would need to send few accumulated records for printing. But the print application is external. So in this kind of scenario, you need TDQ to store data. So external applications can use it. In summary, TDQs are useful to share data across regions. Whereas TSQs are local you cannot share data across regions.

TDQs are sharable across regionsTSQs are local

Here’s why you need TDQ in CICS.

TDQ short story

  • Unlike TSQ, the TDQ are task dependent. And you can read only sequentially
  • TDQs you need to define in DCT -Destination control table before you use them

Types of TDQ

There are two types. One is intra-partition and other one is extra-partition.

Intra Partition TDQ

  • They reside in auxiliary memory
  • They can be read only by sequentially
  • They are read destructive
  • These can be access by other CICS programs

Extra partition TDQ

  • These can be accessed by other CICS programs and Batch programs
  • They can reside on any device such as tape/disk…
  • They are not read destructive
  • You can share records to off-line printer

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