13 Top Blue Prism Interview Questions

Here is a list of 13 top Blue Prism interview questions.

According to Forrester’s analysis, here’s list of the 10 hottest AI technologies. So Robotic process automation is part of Artificial intelligence.

13 Blue Prism Questions

  1. What is Blue Prism?
    1. Blue Prism is one of the RPA-Robotic Process automation tools.Blue Prism is a set of tools, libraries, and runtime environments for RPA.
  2. Why RPA is better than API based integration?
    1. Automating a process using RPA is usually less expensive than using API – based automation. Because of this, you can automate more business processes for less money
  3. Why RPA is most popular in user input validations?
    1. RPA is much better than Java script based validation for front end applications. So that user errors can be eliminated effectively
  4. What is Software Robot in terms of Blue Prism?
    1. It is a combination of Process and Object
  5. How many studios are present in Blue Prism?
    1. There are 2 . One is Process Studio and the other one is Object studio
  6. Where the Software Robots in Blue Prism stored?
    1. They stored in SQL server based database
  7. Which is the form data stored in database?
    1. This is in the form of Tables. Check the video here.
  8. What are the 3 properties of robots?
    1. Scalability
    2. Security
    3. Reliable
  9. What is business object?
    1. An application model that exposes the elements of this application’s user interface.
    2. One or more actions , each of which implements all or part of an operation that the business object can perform
  10. What is application model?
    1. This is a process how a Blue Prism object can connect to interface or modes. There are different modes you can connect it. Windows, Mainframe, Java, Citrix and HTML
  11. What are stages in Blue Prism?
    1. By default there are 2 stages. One is start and other one is end. Each action comprises of set of Stages. Each process can perform multiple actions
  12. Without process is robot possible?
    1. Not possible
  13. What are the different roles in Blue Prism?
    1. Developer
    2. Admin
    3. Support
    4. Security
    5. Release management

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