How to Understand Data Protection in DB2

Here is a list of DB2 Privileges asked in certification exams for your reference.

The privileges under different groups have a different meanings. Only the SYSADM group has control and can access data

SYSADM Group: The SYSADM authority provides a nominated user with total control over all the resources and data controlled by the associated instance.

Admin authority levels

This is the highest level

SYSCTRL Group: Users with a membership of SYSCTRL have a broad set of powers over the instance processes and behavior, without any access to the actual data in associated databases. So a user with an SYSCTRL membership can stop and start the instance, change most instance parameters, quiesce databases, change database parameters, and create and drop databases. They have no inherent access to the underlying data in the databases, however, so this role is perfect for operational control over a system.

Second level

SYSMAINT Group: A user granted membership to SYSMAINT has database-level powers over all databases associated with an instance, but no powers over the instance itself. Again useful for operational tasks such as database backups, restores, quiescence, and so forth. Members of this group also have SYSMON privileges. No data access is provided to members of this group.

Third level

SYSMON Group: The last of the instance-level special privilege groups, SYSMON membership allows users to use and control the monitoring and snapshot tools that are used for database and instance diagnostics. Members of this group have no access to data within the monitored databases.

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