How to Connect DB2 in PHP engine

You connect the DB2 database using any high-level language like Java, C#, PHP. So, my post here is how to connect DB2 in PHP engine.

You already familiar that in my earlier article, I have mentioned that there are 2 kinds of  stored procedures or functions

  1. Internal functions/Stored procedures
  2. External stored procedures/functions

In both the cases, when you are trying to access the DB2 server, to run your objects like Stored procedures/functions, then, you need to write some special logic in your application program.

PHP engine

Connecting to a Database

  •  DB2 to PHP engine, the db2_connect, manages the connection from the PHP engine to DB2. Its general form is as follows
  • db2_connect ( string connection_details, string uid, string pwd )

The following components are concatenated in the string, separated by semicolons to form the full connection string:

  • DRIVER: The name of the underlying driver used to create the connection
  • HOST: The host-name for your DB2 server
  • DATABASE: The cataloged database name for the DB2 database
  • PROTOCOL: The network protocol to use for connectivity
  • PORT: For port-orientated protocols (for example, TCP/IP), the port of the DB2 listener
  • UID: The DB2 authid (username) to use for the connection
  • PWD: The password for the user

The real code to access db2_connect in PHP is:

$driver = "{IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER}";
$database = "SAMPLE";
$hostname = "localhost";
$port = 50000;
$user = "fuzzy";
$password = "fuzzy";
$conn_string = "DRIVER=$driver;DATABASE=$database;";
$conn_string .= "HOSTNAME=$hostname;PORT=$port;PROTOCOL=TCPIP;";
$conn_string .= "UID=$user;PWD=$password;";
$conn = db2_connect($conn_string, '', '');
if (! $conn)
echo db2_conn_errormsg();
echo "Hello World, from the IBM_DB2 PHP extensions!";
catch (Exception $e) {
echo $e;


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