Python Series Vs. Dataframe Top Differences

Here are difference. In series the data is in the forma of Key-value pair. In the case of DataFrame it is multiple-rows and multiple-columns.


  1. Series Data
  2. DataFrame
  3. Free data sources

Series Data

Series data is Key, Value pair. Below is the best example for Series data.

ValueIndex (Key)
Python Series Example

Here the Key is index. Below is the example how Key value pair appears.

Python Series Example


The dataFrame is an ordered collection of data. You can create data in multiple dimensions.

The Data in the tabular form. It consists of Data, Rows, Columns. Example DataFrame from

DataFrame example

In Python, to work with DataFrame, you need Pandas installed.

Free data sources

In support of the growing demand for data, a huge number of data sources are now available on the Internet. These data sources freely provide information to anyone in need, and they are called open data.

  1. DataHub (
  2. World Health Organization (
  3. (
  4. European Union Open Data Portal (
  5. Amazon Web Service public datasets (
  6. Facebook Graph (
  7. (
  8. Google Trends (
  9. Google Finance (
  10. Google Books Ngrams (

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