Parallel Vs. Grid Vs. Distributed Vs. Cloud Computing

Modern days network-connected users thrive for far better computing power. The computing power is a combination of Hardware, Software, and Network. There are four kinds of connected models. In the Cloud age, it is indeed each developer to know the powers of Parallel, Grid, Distributed, and cloud computing.

1.Parallel Computing

Now a days jokingly in the software development, people follow this processing. But it s actaully agile not paralall.

In this type of computing, all the computers keep in a single room. These systems share their work and finish.

The best example is PARM computer India.

Another best computer is Intel Paragon.

Sources: Algorithms for Parallel Processing: 105 (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications)

2. Grid Computing

Grid means not in one place. In INDIA, Power Grid performs a common task, which supplies power. Exact way, Grid-connected computers are located at distant geographical locations and work towards a single-task.

Sources: Grid Computing: Techniques and Applications (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science)

A central processing unit controls the grid and gets computing-power to deliver the task. The high point is, the Grid resources are heterogeneous (that means not similar).

SETI Grid-connected Computer connects to idle-PCs all over the world and uses this power as a supercomputer.

Parallel Vs. Grid Vs. Distributed Vs. Cloud Computing
Computing Power

3. Distributed Computing

More or less meaning is similar to Grid computing. But actually, it is not. The connected powers in a Distributed model are called NODES. All the nodes work towards a common goal.

Sources: Distributed Computing: Fundamentals, Simulations and Advanced Topics, 2ed

4. Cloud Computing

It is the 21st century, and working and delivering task is past now. With the virtualization takes place, the physical-resources can virtualize as needed.

The Prime goal is reduce cost, and quicker delivery.

Resources consumption is on-demand. I need X computing-power then I will get X computing power. The other guy needs Y, and he gets Y. In general, it is elastic. It expands and shrinks according to demand – this is the power of the cloud.

Cloud is a combination of Hardware, Software and Network. All these resources you can get on-demand.

Nowadays, you can see, Public, Private, Hybrid models of the Cloud. Private means in the premises. Public means outside premises. Hybrid means a combination of these.

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