Here are Cloud Capabilities in Mainframe

IBM delivered new offerings that combine the power of the z13 mainframe with the flexibility of the cloud. IBM called the z13 one of the most powerful and sophisticated mainframes ever built.

Z13 Services on Cloud

It delivers new mobile, analytic, and cloud capabilities for moving enterprise systems in the digital economy.

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1. Powerful Capabilities

  1. The power of the all-new z13 mainframe with the flexibility of the cloud.
  2. The new solutions enable enterprises to use the z13 to develop, deploy and manage applications regardless of how they want to set up their systems—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid—or what types of platforms they decide to use.

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2. Support for Data Analytics

  1. IBM Bluemix integration with z Systems – IBM has made its Dedicated Bluemix environment.
  2. Combined with continued enhancements to connector technology within Bluemix and z Systems software.
  3. Enterprises can leverage their own single-tenant version of Bluemix to build applications around their most sensitive data and existing services.
  4. This article is adapted from e-week.

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