What are Microservices and its Related Tools

Microservices is an evolution where it improves user experience with scalability. Here is a simple evaluation architecture. Also, you will know meaning and the technologies useful to grow in this lane.

There are numerous job opportunities for this skill and you can expect comparatively better salary.

So Microservices doesn’t need you to be excel in particular programming languages. But you need to learn Micro-services managing Systems and their tools.

Evolution of Micro-services

Monolithic Apps

Old model apps those the entire functionality of the application deployed in a single web server. It’s also called Baremetal Server. So you need more servers to catch scalability and this model is expensive. Here is Develop and Operate Microservices on Kubernetes.

Virtual Machines Using Cloud

The next-generation model is where the application virtualizes on a server. Thus multiple applications help users to feel better availability and no downtime. For example, the server that creates on AWS cloud is Virtual Machine.



Separating main application functionality in a smaller parts is called Micro services. Kubernetes is the best Operating system for deploying and overseeing the micro services on cloud.


The advantages of microservices are Ease Scaling, Deployment, Testing, Evolution

Nano Services


It’s parting a single service into smaller functions. The best technology is AWS Serverless Lambda.


For example, BBC uses multiple services to display different information to the user:

  • Generating a headline
  • Sourcing weather data
  • Updating a match score

Skillset for Micro-services

  1. Puppet
  2. Kubernetes
  3. AWS Server-less Lambda
Technologies for micro-services


So to excel in the field of micro-services, these tools with Kubernetes give you brilliant opportunities.

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