Exclusive These are Four Pillars to AWS

Do you know AWS’s four pillars? These are Cost, Agility, Elasticity, and Security. You may expect the first question on this in your interview. So below are the pillars outline to refresh right now.

AWS 4 pillars
AWS 4 pillars

Four Pillars to AWS

  1. Cost
  2. Agility
  3. Elasticity
  4. Security


  • Reducing costs is the dominant factor for many organizations
  • The maintenance and upgrades are much cheaper
  • Manging labor, databases, and disaster recovery simplified


  • With AWS, you can deliver applications and services across the globe
  • Preparing POC (proof of concepts) is quicker
  • Dynamic market- fluctuations you can meet to deliver your products to the market


  • You can add thousands of servers and storage within a minute
  • Provision and de-provisioning of resources you can do instantly


  • AWS is responsible for physical facilities and infrastructure
  • Compute, storage, networking, and database is the AWS’s responsibility
  • AWS enhances security using the shared responsibility model


Author: Srini

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