Exclusive Sneak Peak into 4 AWS Pillars

Do you know AWS’s four pillars? These are Cost, Agility, Elasticity, and Security. Here are the insights of these pillars.


  1. 4 AWS pillars
    1. AWS pillar-1: Cost
    2. AWS pillar-2: Agility
    3. AWS pillar-3: Elasticity
    4. AWS pillar-4: Security

4 AWS pillars

  1. Cost
  2. Agility
  3. Elasticity
  4. Security
AWS 4 pillars
AWS 4 pillars

AWS pillar-1: Cost

  • Reducing costs is the dominant factor for many organizations
  • The maintenance and upgrades are much cheaper
  • Manging labor, databases, and disaster recovery simplified

AWS pillar-2: Agility

  • With AWS, you can deliver applications and services across the globe
  • Preparing POC (proof of concepts) is quicker
  • Dynamic market- fluctuations you can meet to deliver your products to the market

AWS pillar-3: Elasticity

  • You can add thousands of servers and storage within a minute
  • Provision and de-provisioning of resources you can do instantly

AWS pillar-4: Security

  • AWS is responsible for physical facilities and infrastructure
  • Compute, storage, networking, and database is the AWS’s responsibility
  • AWS enhances security using the shared responsibility model


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