Mainframe-How to Modernize Batch Process (3 of 3) ?

There are some other ways we can modernize batch.

1. Creating Agile information management architecture.

  • gaining confidence by creating clean, standardized, and organized data
  • redesigning ETL process
  • Processing data for ETL process through Batch work load, will become complex task

Improvement in ETL process:

Image from book 


2. Optimizing DB2 Access

When accessing DB2 tables with static SQL, a PLAN is created and this PLAN has several options you can configure. Making the right decisions is important.

  • Running DB2 utilities frequently keeps DB2 databases “lean” and fast.

  • Configuring DB2 system parameters can greatly influence performance and parallel processing with the database.

  • Choosing the correct checkpoint frequency and commit scope should be a key aspect in any DB2 application design.

  • When using Java, additional design and configuration decisions have to be made. The Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) drivers have additional configuration options.


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