How to Modernize Mainframe Batch Jobs (3 of 3)

There are some other ways you can modernize batch process in mainframe. The following are the two options.

What are those…

1. Creating Agile information management architecture.

  • gaining confidence by creating clean, standardized, and organized data
  • redesigning ETL process
  • Processing data for ETL process through Batch work load, will become complex task

Improvement in ETL process:

Image from book


2. Optimizing DB2 Access

When accessing DB2 tables with static SQL, a PLAN is created and this PLAN has several options you can configure. Making the right decisions is important.

  • Running DB2 utilities frequently keeps DB2 databases “lean” and fast.

  • Configuring DB2 system parameters can greatly influence performance and parallel processing with the database.

  • Choosing the correct checkpoint frequency and commit scope should be a key aspect in any DB2 application design.

  • When using Java, additional design and configuration decisions have to be made. The Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) drivers have additional configuration options.

Author: Srini

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