Adobe Flex Quiz: 10 Top Questions

Popular interview questions on FLEX. I am providing a complete list for your quick reference. According to Computer world, Adobe Flex is development platform for mobile applications.

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1). What is Adobe Flex?
Adobe Flex is an application development platform that you can use to build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).
This is not correct.
RIA is rich internet applications

2). What are other technologies equal to Flex?
Flash, AJAX, and Silverlight
Java Script
The Flash, Ajax and Silverlight all are the same

3). Flex is on the forefront of technology that allows you to create such engaging Web-based applications.
Yes, it is most popular XML kind of it.

4). Flex is combination of different technologies: **(01)Languages: ActionScript 3 and MXML **(02)Component framework: Flex SDK ** (03)Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Flex Builder **(04)Cross-browser runtime: Flash Player
Yes, it is combination of different technologies

5). What is AIR
Adobe developed Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
AIR has capability to run your web applications on your desktop

6). Flex applications you can write in MXML and Action Script code
Yes with these you can write an application.

7). Where you will develop application in Flex?
Flex Builder
This is the place you can develop application.

8). What is Design Mode in Flex?
How it appears after running application you can see.
This is the place you can check your application before it runs.

9). MXML is a tag-based declarative markup language that you use to compose Flex applications

10). What is Action Script3?
ActionScript 3 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language, which means, in general terms, that the fundamental structural unit of your application is an object

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