Exclusive Loops Vs Iterator Object in Python

Here are the differences. In reality, both are the same. The iterator method (in python, everything is an object) iterates till the end of the values. In loops also, you can see the print of values till the end of the list. Here are the differences to check.


Two methods, iter and next, you need for iteration. Iterator means repetition. But you can simplify the iterator’s functionality by using loops. An Iterator in python is an object, which is iterated upon to iterate through all the values given.

  1. __iter__()
  2. __next__()

Here is sample Iterator’s logic

course_list = ["java","dotnet","python"] # a list is created
course_list = iter(course_list)


Here I used for loop to make it clear that how you can achieve repetition.

course_list = ["java","dotnet","python"]
for i in course_list:

Bottom Line

  1. Both are the same
  2. The work that iterators do the same you can achieve with Loops

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