Exclusive Loops Vs Iterators in Python

Here are the differences between loops and iterators. In reality, both are the same. The iterator method iterates till the end of the values. In the case loops, it is the same. The only difference is in the logic. The loop logic is efficient compared to iterators.

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Achieving iteration you need two methods iter and next. Iterator means repetition. An Iterator in python is an object, which is iterated upon to iterate through all the values given. But you can achieve iterator’s functionality by using loops.

  1. __iter__()
  2. __next__()

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How to use iter and next methods

course_list = ["java","dotnet","python"] # a list is created
iter_list = iter(course_list)
# iter methods takes input and write into iter_list.

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The repetition you can achieve with loops. here is example forĀ for loop.

How to use FOR loop

course_list = ["java","dotnet","python"]
for i in course_list:

All the course list values displayed after executing the code.

Bottom Line

  1. Both are the same
  2. The iterators functionality you can achieve with the Loops easily.

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